Creating Curriculum

Quantitative Engineering Analysis | Fall 2017 | Skills: MATLAB, Design

Designing an Assignment

As one component of our final project for Quantitative Engineering Analysis, my partner and I created an overnight assignment to teach the concepts we’d explored in our project. Our assignment was intended to fit in with the existing QEA curriculum, as it takes a concept that is already included in the course curriculum (the Discrete Fourier Transform) and explores it further. We modeled our assignment after a standard QEA overnight: it includes several sections which build on top of each other to explore several different inter-related concepts, also including exercises, programming resources that we created, and links to external resources. We wrote sample code (in MATLAB, as that is what most of the class assignments use) to help structure the programming elements, as the focus of the assignment is on the concepts, not the programming work. You can view the full assignment here.

Additionally, we created a website to document our project and serve as a supplementary resource for learning the concepts we cover. You can view it here!